First and foremost, we want to make it Crystal Clear that we DO NOT condone, support and or associate with Dog Fighting.  We Do Not and Will Not knowingly sell any Dogos to anyone that fights dogs and or keeps dogs with the intent that said dogs be displayed in an exhibition of dog fighting.  Please DO NOT confuse using Dogos for Wild Boar hunting with dog fighting as there is NO comparison.  Be “WARNED” that our web page has some content that is graphic and possibly offensive to people that do not appreciate hunting.  For those that fall into this category, we respect your opinions and we ask that you DO NOT ENTER!  We also want to point out that the Hunting Photos and Videos on our page are either from another country such as Argentina or another state such as Texas where hunting Wild Boar with Dogos is LEGAL!  Arizona does not have Wild Boar that we know of and hunting Javelina with dogs is not permitted therefore we don’t.  Lastly, we want to point out that we hunt Wild Boar in States where farmers, land owners and local officials not only permit but encourage it, as  they have become an epidemic, destructive and quite dangerous.


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