Buyer Beware

We at Facon Blanco Dogos truly care about the progress of this beloved breed, therefore we have put together this Buyer Beware section in order to educate and protect future buyers.  When searching for your NEW or next Dogo, be it a puppy or adult  please make sure that the breeder you plan on doing business with shows you proof that the parents of these dogs have been BAER TESTED and that they have all been vaccinated to meet current standards.  Another sign of a responsible Breeder is that their dogs are Micro Chipped and Licensed with their local City/State.  Un-fortunately there are many unscrupulous individuals that will do just about anything for a buck.  Make sure that they are providing you with correct Pedigree Paperwork and that it matches your dog’s age, also verify the parental lineage.  In other words make sure you are not purchasing an in-bred dog.  Another thing to look for, are they breeding Dogos that are not of breeding quality?  For instance dogs that are overly pigmented, not of proper structure, in-bred etc.  Note that the TRUE STANDARD calls for the Dogo to be as white as possible with pigmentation to be displayed in all the proper areas, such as eyes, lips, nose/muzzle area.  An overly pigmented Dogo does make a wonderful pet, hunting dog and protector of his or her family, however it is not the best breeding specimen because there is a very good chance that it will pass on its overly pigmented genes to their offspring.  Note that some pigmentation on the body is natural/good.  Another sign of a good breeder is what do they feed their dogs?  Have them actually show you the bag of food they use.  Do they feed their dogs a premium quality dry dog food or do they feed the cheapest food available at that time?  This is indicative of how much they truly care for their animals.  Keeping Dogos well fed is not cheap, but that is what we sign-up for when we take this amazing breed into our homes.  We hope these tips will assist you in making an informed decision on your purchase of a Dogo Argentino.  No matter which kennel you choose, we want to wish you the best and hope to hear from you.  Enjoy your  Dogo,  it is truly a magnificent breed. 


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