Day De Trevelin     

Amadeo Bilo:  A renowned great Argentine Hunter and his dog Day De Trevelin

Photo taken in 1966 prior to the death of his beloved Day.

This is their Story:

"There is a very famous Argentine hunter named Amadeo Bilo. He is no doubt, one of the greatest boar hunters of all time.
He still lives and he is around 85 years old, maybe a little more.

Somewhere in the 60's, an American crew came to Argentina to see knife/boar hunting with Dogos Argentinos firsthand.
The crew consisted of a group of journalists of Jack Parry's Field and Stream magazine and also some big managers of the Winchester Firearms Corporation.  Amadeo took them on a hunting trip to Rio Negro, a place 1500 miles SW of Buenos Aires.

The morning they went out, Amadeo had taken his best Dogo pack, a 4-dog team in which his best Dogo, "Day de Trevelin" stood out.
Soon the dogs were on track, then suddenly and unexpectedly the pack split up: 2 Dogos started behind a fresh track which was later to be a Javelina and Day and the remaining Dogo followed an old solitary male that, in Amadeo's words, was so huge that he felt the hairs on the back of his head going up.
Realizing that he had to act fast to prevent the hog from killing his 2 dogs, Amadeo galloped his horse at full speed in the chase.
The Americans, not used to the thorns and thickets of those bushes could not keep up.
When Amadeo reached the place, the battle was already raging. One of the Dogos was already locked on the boar’s ear the other one had still not been able to get a grip. Amadeo said it was the largest boar he had seen in his life.

(Afterwards, this proved to be true: the boar weighed in excess of 600 pounds and was a 2nd world record, with the previous one being nearly...80 years old!!).

Amadeo's horse refused to get near the beast and it finally thru him to the ground, where he lost his hunting knife.
At this time, both Dogos were locked on the immense boar's head but, according to Amadeo, they were starting to tire, since there were no dogs locking the boar’s stifles.
Amadeo felt that if he didn't do something fast, he would lose Day and the other Dogo, so the only thing he came up with was...crawling on the ground towards the boar's hindquarters and grab the beast's rear legs by the ankles!
He said he remembers that the legs were so thick that he couldn't circle them with his hands. His fingers just weren't long enough.

There he laid, fighting with all his might not to let loose, waiting for the American crew which he could hear galloping at a distance.
Soon he realized that the boar was slowly overcoming the Dogo's resistance and slowly but surely turning sideways.

Finally, the hog managed to turn aound and it faced Amadeo face to face.
Amadeo was kneeling on the ground, confronted with a huge 600-plus pound male European Wild Boar Stallion.  He later wrote "I never felt such an utter terror as I did that day".  I remember screaming - though I don't remember what I did scream. I remember all of my hair going up and I remember thinking: This is the end of it. I am dying here and now...

Suddenly, when the boar was charging, Amadeo saw a white shadow literally flying in between him and the beast, and then he felt a wet sensation over his face.
He touched his face, only to discover he was literally blinded with blood...
At that time, the American crew arrived and they managed to shoot down the pig.
Amadeo cleared his face, and saw "Day De Trevelin" lying on the grass, gasping.

The dog pulled himself up and managed to walk difficultly towards his master.
Horrified, Amadeo saw that Day's throat was slashed and his carotid artery severed.
He rushed to his most beloved dog, the one and only coveted friend and tried to press on the horrid wound, but he knew there was nothing he could do.

Amadeo felt some murmurs and camera noises behind him and then he saw the people taking pictures.                                                                                 
Furiously, he screamed at them to leave him alone with his dying dog.                                                                                                                                   
Day grabbed one of Amadeo's hands with his mouth, showing his already white gums.                                                                      
He gently squeezed Amadeo's hand, as if saying good-bye.
Then, Day De Trevelin died In his master's lap in the middle of the wilderness where as Amadeo said, "He had lived and hunted like no other dog I ever had".
Amadeo wrote: "I started yelling: Damn the boar...!!! Damned are all the boars in the world...!!! and then, in the silence of the woods, I cried and cried and cried as hard and bitterly as I have never done before and would never do again in my whole life..."

"Amadeo Bilo en una foto antigua"

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