Dogos Hunting "Warning" Graphic content       

                                                                                " Our friend and great Argentine Hunter Nestor Boaglio" 


                                                                                                                             "3 Boaglio Dogos"


           " The Great Amadeo Bilo with Day De Trevelin"                                                                                         










                      "Estos son los perros de Walter Javier de Florida.  Walter Javier's Dogos hunting in Florida"


                                     "Dogo on Puma/Mountain Lion - Note it does have it's claws"

                                     Dogo Pirata on Puma.  I love Piratas.  Me encantan los Piratas

                                                               Marcelo Corbo con lindo Padrillo 


                                    These Dogos belong to our friend Matias from La Percanta Dogos Argentinos
                                        Matias from La Percanta Dogos Argentinos.  Time to Eat!  Tiempo de Comer! 











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