Links                           "Where we got started thanks to Rogers"  "Great hunter and friend of Facon Blanco"  "Big part of our foundation"  "Our friend Willem in Argentina"  "Our friend Matias Gomez in Buenos Aires Argentina"  "Best Hog Dog Cut Gear in the USA, tell them we sent you"  "Our friends Eduard and Ester"   "BAER testing in Arizona" "OFA - The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals"  "Dogo Ear Cropping in Arizona.  Ask for Dr. Soltero"  "Hip testing in Arizona"  "Visit this website to get high quality dog collar, dog harness, dog muzzle, dog leash  for reasonable prices"  "DACA - Dogo Argentino Club of America"  "Foro Del Dogo Argentino-ARGENTINA" "Dogo Mundial-World Championships. Del Litoral dominated" "Foro Del Dogo Argentino2-ARGENTINA" "Whelping calculator"  "American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)" "HOG talk and BOAR hunting site.  Very nice" "Good source of information regarding allergies etc.  Knowledgeable lady" "Great source for products related to allergies etc." 




































































































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