None at this time

                                                                                Below are pictures of one of our litters.


                                      2-Females                                                                           2-Males at 4weeks old

                                                                                 2-Males at 4weeks old


                                                                                2-Females at 4weeks old


                                                                                  1-Female at 4weeks old


    2-Male puppies at 6weeks old. 

                Dallas Del Facon Blanco at 8 weeks                                         Dallas and Zeus Del Facon Blanco at 8 weeks

        Dallas right after her Ear Cropping at 8 weeks old                                         Dallas at 10 weeks 21-LBS


                                                Azariah Del Facon Blanco at 4-months owned by the Mixon family



                               Dallas Del Facon Blanco and her sister Azariah Del Facon Blanco at 5 months old


                   Two tired sisters after a day of playing and swimming - Thank you Mixon family, we had a great time

                                    Zeus Del Facon Blanco at 7.5 months old.  Full brother to Dallas and Azariah. 


                                   Our Newest import from Brazil.  "Luca Verdes Pampas" .  Will be here soon


                                Luca at 5-months old                                                   Luca at 5-months old with Anita









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